United States map made up of countless people

Imagine these past few weeks, this past year, the past four years, with a national popular vote.

Not for partisan advantage. For clarity. For more accurate representation. For actually defusing political tension by avoiding swing state battles where vote counts are sliced down to the county. …

On November 9, 2016, the morning after the nation discovered Trump would be the next President of the United States, I was scheduled to interview Vincent Connare, the creator of Comic Sans, for an article in TYPE magazine.

Vince was in the U.K. and I remember walking to a coffee…

Celebrating the nation can also mean working to make it better.

In virtually every aspect of American society, we expect constant progress.

In technology, where we now assume everything will continue to shrink in size and grow in power. In medicine, where life expectancies are only allowed to go up…

What if would-be CEOs replaced The Art of War with The Tao of Pooh?

Second favorite day? When we launch our IPO.

Schmoozy business guys have been toting around Sun Tzu’s The Art of War since the high-shouldered 80s. The 5th-century BCE strategy treatise has been repackaged into innumerable Chicken-Soup-for-the-Blank formats, as well as at least one Wesley…

How to avoid the outrage and stay informed.

Twitter rage.

This morning was like so many. One-handing coffee and peanut butter toast because in the other hand was my phone, scrolling through the daily barrage of news and reactions and, inevitably, outrage.

I used to call myself an information junkie. Now I know it’s more like an outrage addict. I…


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